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I'm terribly sorry to have to do this but we are currently not offering furniture. Supply disruptions, excessive backorders and product unavailability have shut this portion of our business down for the forseeable future. As we are able to resupply we will add items back to the site.

Related Furniture Vendors

Friends in the business I can recommend.

IronWood Designs Wood AK Furniture

Wood AK Furniture

Click this pic to go to his site. Matt at Ironwood Designs is currently set up to make wood AK furniture and he does a fine job of it. All 100% US made. Hopefully soon he will have something to offer to the Saiga market. Tell him dinzag sent you!

Combloc Customs LLC

Wood Furniture Finishing

Click this pic to go to their site. Combloc Customs specializes in furniture finishing and their stuff looks great! Send your nekkid Ironwood Set to them and see what they can do. Help support another small American business like us! Tell John that Dinzag sent you!