5.45x39 Flat Trun Guide Only

This bullet guide is for the flat-cut trunnion 5.45x39 Saiga rifles. Installation of this guide allows your rifle to accept standard AK-74 magazines as well as modified factory magazines. This is the guide, screw and allen wrench only, no drill or tap. Requires #8-32 drill & tap. (note: pic may not reflect actual geometry)

Modification required to use the factory mag involves removing the feed ramp portion so they look identical to the mil-surp magazines.

Early on a couple guys reported feed issues with the last round in the magazine. We attributed this to the cut in the trunnion being deeper on some rifles, so the guides have been lengthened. There were less than 10 of these prototype first run guides ever shipped.

Mags used for testing (l to r) Bakelite 45, Plastic 45, Bakelite 30, Plastic Tantal 30, Plastic Bulg 30, Steel 30.

Note! - If you have a rivet hole in your trunnion, contact us and we will get you the correct hardware.

Downloads: (Adobe Acrobat required -> It's a free download)

Install Instructions for all bullet guides.

Bullet Guide Install Video - made by Fred Hart, thanks!

The front trunnion is the block of steel riveted in the front of the receiver that the barrel is pressed into. The flat-cut description comes from the shape of the area immediately below the chamber face.

Bullet guide installed properly. You may find it beneficial to insert a magazine first before drilling to ensure proper alignment between the guide and mags. The step of the guide goes under the barrel and the square end goes towards the magwell.