5.45x39 Flat Trun Kit

This bullet guide is for the flat-cut trunnion 5.45x39 Saiga rifles. Installation of this guide allows your rifle to accept and feed standard AK-74 magazines as well as retain the use of your factory magazine with modifications. The kit includes all necessary hardware for install. (note: pic may not reflect actual geometry)

Modification required to use the factory mag involves removing the feed ramp portion so they look identical to the mil-surp magazines.

Mags used for testing (l to r) Bakelite 45, Plastic 45, Bakelite 30, Plastic Tantal 30, Plastic Bulg 30, Steel 30.

Note! - If you have a rivet hole in your trunnion, contact us and we will get you the correct hardware.

Downloads: (Adobe Acrobat required -> It's a free download)

Install Instructions for all bullet guides. Install similiar to 223 flat trunnion.

Bullet Guide Install Video - made by Fred Hart, thanks!

The front trunnion is the block of steel riveted in the front of the receiver that the barrel is pressed into. The flat-cut description comes from the shape of the area immediately below the chamber face.

Bullet guide installed properly. You may find it beneficial to insert a magazine first before drilling to ensure proper alignment between the guide and mags. The step of the guide goes under the barrel and the square end goes towards the magwell.