5.45x39 Saiga Parts

This page is dedicated to parts I have available for the new Saiga 5.45x39 rifle. Aside from 922r, with the use of the bullet guide it will run any AK-74 magazine with no other modifications required.

Shown here is a factory configuration rifle as imported.        

Here is one converted to pistol grip configuration. Includes 6 US made parts.

Saiga PG Conversion Overview - Download this .pdf file for tips, suggestions, parts list and a brief overview of the pistol grip conversion.

Click image for more info Description Price Part # Purchase
PG Conversion Kit Various CONVKIT545 Select
FCG Options Various Various Select
Triggerguards Various Various Select
Bullet Guides $20-$25 Round & Flat Select
Bolt-On Lower Handguard Retainer $59.00 AKBOR1 Order
RPK Bolt-On Lower Retainer $70.00 RPKBOR1 Order
Gas Tube Options $various AKGT1 Select
AK Front Sight Block $79.00 AKFSB Select
AK Bayonet Lug $35.00 AKBAYOLUG Select
AK74 Front Sight Block $90.00 74FSB571 Order
BHO Safety Mod (Customer Supplied) $35.00 SSLBHO Order
Rifle Gas Piston Options Various Various Select