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Saiga Related Sites

Izhmash Factory Website

Izhmash Factory Website in Russia showcases the entire line of Saiga firearms as well as many other products.

Saiga-12 Forum

Saiga-12 Forum is the place to go if you have any questions regarding the Saiga firearms family. Myself as well as many others have donated much time and effort in compiling tons of information about technical specifications, legalities and really cool modifications.

Russian American Armory Company

Russian American Armory Company is the current Saiga firearms importer for the United States. The site also lists their distributors.

Saiga Stock

Saiga Stock is dedicated to providing gun and hunting accessories for the Saiga Brand gun enthusiast. Everything from magazines to chokes and other parts.

Tantal's Collector's Source

Tantal's Collector's Source is an excellent outlet for hard to find Saiga and AK parts as well as a great resource for AK information in general.

AGP Arms

AGP Arms manufactures the new US made 10 round Saiga-12 magazines. You can also get magazine parts and springs as well as XD magazine extensions and other parts.

MD Arms

MD Arms manufactures US made, 20 round, Saiga-12 drums. On the market soon!


www.Saiga-Weapons.webs.com - A good resource for Saiga conversion videos & pics.

Saiga Related Builders and Dealers

Rifle Dynamics

Rifle Dynamics specializes in tools and training for the professional warrior.

Krebs Custom

Kreb's Custom manufactures custom Saiga rifles and parts for them.


AK USA - Chris Butler & Co build some of the best AK's out there.

Tromix Lead Delivery Systems

Tromix Lead Delivery Systems offers quality one of a kind AR-15 and Saiga rifles and shotguns.

Red Jacket Firearms

Red Jacket Firearms specializes in custom AK and other builds as well as suppressors.


FBMG (fuzzy bunny movie guns) is a Saiga firearms dealer and maker of the Saiga-308 20-round magazines. They also offer the Zombie Loadout Kit - $21,999.99; includes everything necessary to defend yourself from the undead - from training to weapons and supplies.

Firearm Parts & Dealers

Defense Firearms

Defense Firearms Your Firearms Pricing Competitor!

Ironwood Designs

Ironwood Designs makes US made AK furniture. Excellent prices!


Tapco makes several US AK parts and accessories.

Copes Distributing

Copes Distributing sells AK and many other firearm parts and accessories.


K-Var is an excellent source for hard to find AK parts.

Red Star Arms

Red Star Arms - home of Miss RSA and well as many US made AK parts including their excellent milled adjustable trigger group.

Blackjack Buffers

Blackjack Buffers - AK recoil buffers and many other AK parts.


ACE LTD. - manufacturer of excellent stocks and other items for AK's.

2nd Amendment Shooting Supply

2nd Amendment Shooting Supply - Has a complete selection of shooting supplies for all of your shooting adventures!

Firearm Related Forums, Blogs & Sites

Gun Trust Lawyer

Gun Trust Lawyer - If you need a NFA or gun trust set up, I personally recommend Mr. David Goldman - the Gun Trust Lawyer! Check out his site and be sure to tell him I sent you over

Hammerhead Combat Systems

Hammerhead Combat Systems - Learning to Stay Dangerous in a Dangerous World. An excellent blog about the principals of being a civilian operator, be sure to check it out!

Mosin Guy Guns

Mosin Guy Guns - Great site for info on Mosins and other conservative things!

AK Files

AK Files An AK related forum that contains a lot of good technical information.

AK Forum

AK Forum Another AK related forum.


AK-47.net An AK related forum part of gunsnet.


Gunco An AK related forum.

The High Road

The High Road is another a firearm related forum.


Frugal's is an online community dedicated to crisis preparedness, self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Other Sites

Juggernaut Screen Printing

Juggernaut Screen Printing in Michigan did all of my T-Shirts. Drew's quite the artist, if you need anything done up, get ahold of him. He also did Red Jacket and ZDF's shirts as well.

Zombie Defense Force

Visit the Zombie Defense Force Website for zombie info and cool T-Shirts!