VEPR Series Rifles

This page is dedicated to parts I have available for the VEPR rifles. Many of the parts below can be installed with simple hand tools. Others will require a bit more skill, but all hardware and instructions are available.

Shown here is a VEPR-308-01 rifle as imported.

Shown here is a VEPR-308 with gas tube, retainer & synthetic AK handguards.

The VEPR rifles are very similiar to the Saiga rifles with the exception of having a heavier receiver and barrel. They are available in 7.62x54R, 7.62x51 (.308), 7.62x39 (AK47), 5.56x45 (.223) and 5.45x39 (AK74).

The bolt-on retainer and gas tubes listed below work on all calibers of VEPRs. I list the bullet guides for 7.62x39, 5.45x39 & .223 as those work well with the correct high cap magazines. The 7.62x54R and 7.62x51 (.308) do not require bullet guides.

Click image for more info Description Price Part # Purchase
VEPR FCG Options Various Various Select
VEPR Bolt-On Lower Retainer $59.00 VEPRBOR Order
RPK Bolt-On Lower Retainer $70.00 RPKBORVEP Order
Gas Tube Options - Type 1 $various VEPTUBE1 Select
Gas Tube Options - Type 2 $various VEPTUBE2 Select
AK Front Sight Block $79.00 AKFSB Select
AK Bayonet Lug $35.00 AKBAYOLUG Select
7.62x39 Bullet Guides $15-$20 Round & Flat Select
.223 Bullet Guides $20-$25 Round & Flat Select
5.45x39 Bullet Guides $20-$25 Round & Flat Select
Rifle Gas Piston Options Various Various Select
BHO Safety Mod (Customer Supplied) $35.00 SSLBHO Order

VEPR-308 & VEPR-7.62x39.

Custom pistol gripped VEPR-308 with receiver adapter, gas tube, retainer & RPK handguard.